About Clotheslined

Clotheslined Apparel is a new high end wrestling clothing line. Partnered with some of the best wrestlers in the industry, we have created a fashionable line of clothing that you could wear even outside of a wrestling show. All of our apparel is made on vintage extremely soft poly-blend and tri-blend material. All wrestlers on our website receive the profits from these shirts. Clotheslined comes from the mind of owner of ProWrestlingTees.com, Ryan Barkan and graphic designer Dave Bogart.

Why do we only use Vintage Soft Blend T-shirts?

Often, Blended T-Shirts are a combination of two or three different materials. Some of the more popular examples of this are a Cotton/Polyester blend or a Cotton/Polyester/Rayon blend (tri-blend). When you combine fabrics you end up with the best qualities from each fabric. A Cotton/Polyester blend results in a fabric that remains cool and light from the cotton fabric, yet also has the strength and wrinkle resistance of the polyester. Cotton/Polyester/Rayon blends have the comfort of cotton, shape retention of the polyester and the addition of rayon allows the fabric to drape against the body for a slimming look. Compared to standard 100% cotton apparel, these blends never shrink, have a difficult time wrinkling and are the most expensive types of shirts you can get.

We appreciate all of your support!